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Dr. Schmidt was always so kind and gentle with all of my pets. He had a magic touch when it came to examinations, shots and generally making my cats and dog feel at ease. He was always non judgmental when my dog and one of my cats were heavier than was healthy and made helpful recommendations. I trusted him implicitly and so did my pets! He will be missed.

– Jennie S.

Dr. Schmidt neutered our cat, she did such a great job and our cat is as happy as can be:) yes obviously it was a little painful but she did an amazing job!

– Kaitlin L.

Dr. Schmidt
My best experience is when my Ragdoll cat visits the office. I always get him up to date with touch ups on making him healthy and all those hidden dread locks and clipped nails that are way out of my expertise. The visit to the well care visits assuredly meets our pets needs.
Nilza & Percy #Percithecat🍭

– Nilza R.

My most prominent memory of Dr. Schmidt is when my daughter and I brought in her cat in bad shape. When I asked him what he would do, he told me. And that made me feel like I was doing the right thing as hard as it was. I never felt like He was in it for the money but for his patients. Haven’t found that to be true at any other vet. We haven’t been there in a few years as we live a ways away now, but miss his honesty. Take care Dr. Schmidt and enjoy your retirement!!! You deserve it.

– Amy G.

Dr Schmidt was our vet for both of my last two cats. His compassion and warmth put them and me at ease. His expertise and passion will be missed.

– Sean B.

My husband and I were brand new dog owners to a breed we didn’t really know much about—American Eskimo. Max wasn’t the easiest puppy (took us a whole year to potty train him), but Dr. Schmidt was always so kind and helpful without any judgment. He told me that American Eskimos were typically a moody bunch, but max was very special and a sweet dog. I am so sad he is leaving, but we wish him the best! Thank you for all that you have done!

– Erin T.

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