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For clients who like the convenience of ordering their pet’s medications online, we are affiliated with an FDA approved online pharmacy, VetSource. This enables us to provide you with a safe link to purchase pet medications and supplies and have them delivered straight to your door. Please feel free to visit our online veterinary pharmacy and store.

Full-service pet pharmacy for prescriptions and medications.

Lafayette Animal Hospital operates a full-service, in-house pharmacy, for your pet’s health needs; with prescription refills available for many products and dietary requirements.

Please keep the following in mind when it comes to prescription products:

Please call or email to request refills; your veterinarian will need to check your pet’s chart prior to authorizing the refill.

All email requests for prescription refills require a minimum 24-hour notice. If you need more immediate service, please call our office directly during business hours.

If your pet is difficult to medicate, please let us know! We work with local pharmacies that may be able to provide the medication in a liquid or chewable form.

Heartworm preventative is either dispensed for one year or refillable for up to one year. After one year, a new prescription is required. A negative result on a blood test for heartworm disease is required prior to dispensing the initial medication and for dispensing yearly refills.

Certain medications do not require refills – contact our office for questions about the need for continued medical therapy.

Some pets must be seen to authorize refills and may require additional blood testing – contact us if you are unsure of the need to schedule an exam or blood work.

If you purchase a prescription diet through our office, please note that although we do our best to stay fully stocked, prescription diets are popular, and can sell out quickly. To ensure that your pet does not have to go without their prescription diet, please contact us about picking up more food approximately a week prior to running out.

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